Flight's Cool is Proud to Partner with World Cup Stratosphere!

Flight's Cool and World Cup Stratosphere share more than a common space, they also share the same core values. Both organizations believe in supporting their athletes by providing the best enviroment for them to achieve all of their goals. By partnering with World Cup Statosphere, Flight's Cool T&T Academy gains an ideal training facility as well as opportunities share positive training techniques. While the sport tumble and trampoline and cheerleading are very different, they do share many common training stratagies. We look forward to developing as many positive synergies as possible with World Cup Stratosphere, so both groups of athletes can achieve their full potential. 

The initial round of evaluations for World Cup Stratosphere was administered by Flight's Cool, but now all new cheer athletes should contact World Cup Stratosphere directly for infomation on team openings as well as placements.